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Autism and ADHD Solutions

Helping children on the spectrum to achieve their potential, so that they can improve their communication skills, quality of sleep, concentration ability and overall wellbeing.

I work with parents from all over the world and my message is simple:

Autism is treatable!


  • non verbal/speech delayed
  • a picky eater
  • not making eye contact
  • not sleeping through the night
  • hyperactive/unable to focus
  • oversensitive or undersensitive to sensory stimuli like noise, light, touch, pain
  • routine-bound/obsessive about certain topics


Once your child received the diagnosis of autism, you were probably told that there is very little you can do.

When my son was diagnosed with autism, we were simply told that autism is a life-long disability and we should consider ourselves lucky that, at four years old, he was at least potty trained.

Forget about speech, learning anything, making friends, riding a bike…


I have helped my son and many other parents over the years and the results have been life-changing:

  • speech and communication skills improve
  • restful sleep is restored
  • appetite is normalised, so that your child can enjoy a varied and healthy diet
  • mood and energy improve
  • more focus
  • better social skills


Imagine you could “fix” only one of your child’s symptoms, say restricted diet. One of my patients was only eating dry cereals, pasta and biscuits. Literally nothing else. Not only was his diet super-restricted but the cereals and biscuits had to be a certain brand or he wouldn’t even eat that. Something like a simple day trip, not to mention longer holidays, were an ordeal, as the mother had to remember to pack the right food along with the clothes!

A few weeks into my programme, this child started to look at his parents’ plate at dinner and decided to try something new! He gradually expanded his range of food and his mother was able to introduce more healthy options and this ONE change cascaded into other areas, so that:

  • he became more flexible and the whole family was able to enjoy going out for dinner without stressing out about the menu
  • constipation was no longer an issue
  • his mood improved (constipation was also causing pain, which would make him very irritable)
  • eating a healthier diet improved his immune system, so that he was less prone to coughs and colds (which vitamins and supplements had not been able to affect)
  • the whole family was able to visit family and enjoy holidays away from home more often and easily

All this after improving only ONE SYMPTOM!


If you are ready to improve the life of you child and your whole family, work with me.

Over a period of six months you will have:

  • one hour consultation every three weeks (for a total of eight)
  • all prescription remedies delivered to you
  • full support between appointments by email or text messages
  • personalised simple and practical diet plan
  • extra tips and advise in pdf format



After years of research and trial and error, I realised that Autism is an umbrella-term that covers a number of symptoms and every child is different, however, the common denominator is poor ability to detox.

Therefore, detoxing the system is the first priority. My treatment plan is in three stages that I call: Remove, Repair and Replenish Plan.

1 – Remove: The most common sources of toxins are: heavy metals, mold, parasites or yeast. Sometimes it’s a combination of them. The methods commonly prescribed to remove these toxins (like chelation and prescription anti-fungal drugs) are quite aggressive and can stress the system even more, causing aggravation of the symptoms. However, by using only natural remedies, toxins are removed gently and effectively. 

After detoxing you may notice:

  • better eye contact
  • speech development
  • improved cognitive skills
  • improved focus

2 – Repair: The second stage is about strengthening and repairing the immune system by gradually adding natural supplements.

After this stage you may notice:

  • less GI issues
  • improved appetite
  • better resistance to sasonal colds and flu
  • better choice in food

3 – Replenish: A personalised diet and nutritional plan, which includes natural remedies and vitamin supplements as needed.




Shoshana, mother of 11year old son

Hi Giovanna I got the teurcum and cina into him twice yesterday and wow! What a change Yesterday he had an awful day and then by evening time when I got the second dose in it was like flipping a switch And today he is so much better as well

Kathy, mother of 7year old

Anxiety so much better can now go school n cope with out me n doesn’t need his one to one all the time.

Eats alot more varied diet and no longer needs me to sleep with him

ATEC score before treatment: 54

(Mariya, mother of 5 year old autistic boy)