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I loved this movie when I was little!

I was thinking about a recent case I took here in Glasgow: chronic bronchitis in a young girl helped by homeopathy Arsenicum. The mother of this girl had tried everything conventional medicine had to offer: mainly antibiotics, steroids and more antibiotics, but this was only palliating the condition and this girl was not even able to sleep lying down at night, due to the breathing difficulties and had to sleep propped up by pillows.

When they decided to try homeopathy and alternative medicine and contacted me, I was a bit intimidated, I must confess: this was a chronic condition of many years-since birth in fact- the immune system was further weakened by all the allopathic medicine. Could homeopathy really help?

When I took the list of symptoms, I was surprised to find out that they all pointed at the “humble” Arsenicum, one of the most common homeopathic remedies. I guess I was expecting something more uncommon or obscure…

Arsenicum is one of the classic remedies for flu: runny nose, with clear mucus that irritates the upper lip; respiratory symptoms and, most of all, anxiety. The patient is quite anxious about their own health and restless, they toss and turn in bed and can be irritable.

The result after a few weeks of Arsenicum was summed up by her mum in an email she sent me:

Hi giovanna, just wanted to tell you firstly that I A. has a been free of a cold /runny nose for 7 weeks.  This is unheard of!   We just stuck with them first prescription and never started the 2nd.  I
Thanks, K.

Ps it’s been amazing to have A. so well, thanks so much


️ Arsenicum is one of the few remedies I take with me everywhere, especially travelling, because it is also a wonderful remedy for food poisoning or upset stomach, which can really ruin a holiday! The symptoms of stomach cramps and burning are present and also sometimes diaorrhea.

Seasonal allergies can also be helped by Arsenicum, when the symptoms are burning or watering of the eyes and runny nose.

Never be without it!