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We have all been through it: stress, anxiety, Monday blues…sugar seems to be calling us in these cases! Women seem to be particularly susceptible, but that is because women are more open to talking about it! Make no mistake: men can be just as vulnerable, just less keen to admit it!

And the shame attached to it! We can beat ourselves up about it, which makes us feel worse and that’s your vicious circle!

When sugar cravings become chronic, they can cause all manner of health issues: blood sugar levels rise, sugar feeds yeast in our gut, causing inflammation, heart problems and in some cases, contributing to causing diabetes.

Weight gain is really the last of your problems, even though it is perhaps the most visible one. However, once you go back to your healthy, balanced self, the weight issue takes care of itself.

Many people are in what is known as “pre-diabetic” stage. What does it mean?

Pre-diabetic is when your blood sugar level is higher than it should be, yet not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetic. However, if left unchecked, this can be your “waiting room” to full blown diabetes.

You may also be experiencing symptoms like:


-weight gain

-mental fog


The main symptom can be this seemingly irresistable sugar craving.

So what does homeopathy do about it?

Well, the usual, actually! Get to the bottom of the matter!

Why do you crave sugar? When did it start? What else is going on with your life, your lifestyle, your job, family and so on?

Once the homeopath pin points the constitutional remedy for you, that will start stimulating your inner energy, your Vital Force and you once you feel strong enough within yourself, you will not need sugar to prop you up anymore!

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