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Let’s talk about this over a nice cup of coffee, shall we?

One of the questions I get asked by new patients is whether homeopathic remedies can be taken alongside prescribed medication. My answer is always:”Yes, yes and yes!”

This is one of the reasons why I really don’t think that conventional western medicine and homeopathy or other forms of alternative medicine need to fight each other.

I was very honoured to be invited by the British Medical Association in Glasgow in November 2019, to give a talk about homeopathy. My audience were retired medical doctors and GP’s and one of the many questions they asked during the Q&A was:”Is there any case you would not treat and pass on to a medical doctor, instead of treating it homeopathically?”. Well, suppose someone is having a heart attack in front of me, what do you think I would do, apart attempting CPR? Of course I wouldn’t bend over the poor fellow and ask him to “describe the pain” while I take out my notebook and pen! An ambulance is what would be needed and fast too!

Usually patients come to me with diagnosed conditions. They have already gone through medical tests and doctors have confirmed the diagnosis. This is very helpful to the homeopath, because it gives me a picture of what I am dealing with and, more importantly, how urgent and serious the condition is.

Here in Glasgow we have the tremendous privilege of still having a homeopathic hospital under the NHS, called Centre for Integrated Care, which offers patients mainly homeopathic treatment but also other holistic forms of alternative medicine. This is something to cherish, it means that patients have a say on what type of treatment they receive.

So why not work together? Medical doctors and hospitals can test and diagnose and homeopathy can treat in a gentle, natural and effective way, without suppressing symptoms and making people dependent on drugs! I think it is a fantastic win-win scenario.

Except for the pharmaceutical companies, but that’s another story…