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corona virus

I am sure you are all getting really sick of hearing about this novel corona virus. I know I am and the real pandemic is not the virus but the mass hysteria pumped up by mainstream media every single day.

This is only my personal opinion, however, I am glad to see I am not the only one to think like this. Dr. Didier Raoult is the director of the IHU Mediterranee Infection in Marseille, France and a world-reknown virologist. Contacted by the Chinese authorities to help with the current epidemic, he tried a drug called Chloroquine, which was also successfully used to treat patients affected by SARS. The study showed that this drug works very well for the Novel Corona virus too!

Dr. Raoult has given many interviews in France regarding the properties of Chloroquine and the need for everyone to stay calm and stop panicking, comparing the number of deaths to date from the virus outside China to “an accident where a whole bus full or people falls down a ravine”.

So what is Chloroquine? It is a drug used to treat and prevent malaria. It has been around for decades, Dr. Didier described it as being “as common as aspirine” but less well known.

As the name suggests, this drug contains Quinine, which has been known for at least 400 years as remedy for malaria, also called Cinchona bark. The homeopathic equivalent of quinine is the remedy China, which was also the very first proved by Samuel Hahnemann. Interestingly, homeopathic China has also been used to treat symptoms of malaria since the 19th century.

China has also the following respiratory symptoms:

-short and dry cough

-convulsive cough during the night

-chest pain when coughing

-suppuration of the lungs

Therefore this could be another remedy to bear in mind when treating respiratory conditions.