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What is Diabesity?

Technically, Diabesity is the combination of the words: diabetes and obesity. Simply put, people who present the symptoms of both conditions can be diagnosed with diabesity.

At present, about 100 million of Americans under the age of 65 suffer from this condition, but it is quickly spreading to the UK too and other European countries. The consequences of leaving this condition untreated can be pretty grim. On the other hand, there is no reason why it should be a life-long burden in your life!

Let me break it down for you:


In medical terms, a person is considered obese when not only overweight, but also when there is a lot of body fat. The way body fat is measured is by looking at your body mass index (BMI). If your BMI is over 30, you are technically obese.


The consequences of obesity can be quite severe: from heart failure to bowel cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes 2.


Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which your body doesn’t make enough of a hormone called
insulin or doesn’t use insulin the way it should. Insulin helps carry
glucose (also called sugar) to your cells. So when there’s a problem
with the insulin, glucose builds up in your blood. You’ve probably heard
this called high blood sugar. It is more common than type 1. In fact, 90% of people who suffer from diabetes have type 2 diabetes.

Common symptoms of diabetes 2:

constant thirst


-more hunger


-blurry vision

-infections or sores that don’t heal

-tingling sensation in your hands and feet



There are many different brands of prescription medication that are used to lower the sugar level in the blood. Like all pharmaceutical drugs, they come with unwanted effects, some of which are quite serious.



Our bodies are wonderful and intelligent systems, yet we constantly underestimate our body’s capacity for self-healing, which is why we rely on prescription medication so much!

Once we realise this, we understand that it is we who decide how healthy we want to be, the bucket stops here! This shift of consciousness is the first vital step towards recovery: we are responsible for our own health! There is no “magic pill” that can make us better unless we decide that we want to heal.

“How did I get here?”

Once we have made this reaslisation, the next step is to understand how we got here. When did it all start? What was going on in my life at the time?

In my experience, there is always a trigger: grief, trauma, stress, depression. Sometime the root is to be found in childhood.

The route to real healing must include facing up to our fears and other feelings/emotions that sometimes we find too uncomfortable to confront.

How does homeopathy help?

Homeopathy works on the individual’s energy, allowing healing to occur on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. Remember: your body knows how to heal, however, when your energy is out of balance, that’s when dis-ease occurs. The symptoms we experience are the language of dis-ease that need to be carefully listend to, rather than suppressed with medication, to be able to understand what needs to be helped.


A carefully individualised diet is devised during the consultation. Some people don’t like the word “diet” because it conjures up the picture of food deprivation, particularly what we like the most, combined with foods that are “good for you” but taste horrible!

This notion comes from a distorted view of what food is and the dysfunctional relationship we all tend to have with it. Yet real, healthy food is nothing but joy and colour!

Eat the rainbow

No, I don’t mean Skittles! Have you ever noticed how beige and generally colour-less junk food is? Think about it: what colour are French fries, burgers, chicken-anything, corn chips?

Now think about your favourite fruit and vegetables: a riot of colours! Red, yellow, orange, green, purple…Nature is like a painter, but the colours also have a purpose, because each colour indicates a different vitamin or mineral that’s prevalent in that particular fruit or vegetable. As we need the whole variety of vitamins and minerals in order to keep our health, eating the rainbow makes perfect sense!

I have seen countless patients affected with diabesity, turn their life around with my course of treatment. The initial treatment can last a few months (depending on the individual) but once you see the results, you can finally regain control over your own health and nutrition and lifestyle are the tools that you can use for the rest of your life!


This article is for information purposes only. Homeopathy Heals does not claim to diagnose or cure any condition. Please consult your medical physician if you have any symptoms or to discuss prescription medication.

Lesley, UK (Diabetes)

“I was in a lot of pain with arthritis, liver problems and type 1 diabetes. My quality of life was not good and all the medication damaged my liver, so I decided to try homeopathy and now I am pain-free for the first time in years!” – Lesley

Happy Mum, UK (ADHD)

“My child has a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD and he was constantly in trouble at school for his aggressive behaviour. He was aggressive towards me too and I was scared I couldn’t handle him once he grew up…after the first dose of his remedy I started to see him smile and now he is a happy boy and can handle school much better!” – Happy Mum


Homeopathy report. I am actually quite amazed. Seeing a definitive step change in the way my periods run-flow, clotting, pain-all unlike they’ve been for the last 10 years, Wow.


“I have been to see Giovanna for both of my sons and for myself.

She is professional, friendly and extremely good at what she does.

Would not hesitate in recommending her or using her homeopathic remedies in the future.” – Karen.


“I’ve been meaning to message you. I’ve been four days without any symptoms of yeast, I’m so excited and relieved! Thank you!” – Rene’.


“The headache lifted, noise sensitivity is better, I am more collected. Not as apt for fight or flight.” – Beth.