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Many of you reading this will already know what the MTHFR gene mutation is and the possible consequences for your health, however, before we dive in, let me spend a few words on DNA in general and genetic tests.


We are all born with a unique genetic make-up that is partly passed down from our parents but mixed in a unique configuration.

The way I picture it in my head, is a bunch of play cards that we are randomly dealt at the beginning of a card game.

These cards are what they are, we cannot change our genes (or can we? Science is rapidly moving in this direction, so watch this space). This means that, given the cards that we are dealt, it is up to us to make the most of it and play well.

The way we “play” is called epi-genetics: our life-style and diet are what maximises or minimises our chances of making the most of the DNA we were born with.


The first thing to remember is that, as of now, we don’t even know how many genes humans have! The very concept of what a “gene” is, is quite complex in itself.

When you look at how much of the human DNA has been mapped out, the answer varies between 95% and 99%. That sounds great, however, when you ask about how much we know about what all these genes actually do, the answer is about 3%.

This is why, DNA tests are a bit of a “mixed bag”: you can definitely get some useful information, however, you will not get the “full picture” or any answers in reference to your health.


So let’s come to this MTHFR gene. The reason why it has become almost “famous” in online forums and social media groups, is that it is one of the genes responsible for the methylation process. This is the process that helps the body process and eliminate toxins, among other things.

About 45 percent of people have a MTHFR defect. That’s about 1 in 2 of people that have 1 copy of the C677T MTHFR gene and you can find out if you have this mutation with a DNA test. It is not just about genes, however: remember epigenetics I mentioned earlier?

This genetic trait, together with others, can be the underlying cause of auto-immune conditions that range from thyroid dysfunction, to fibromyalgia, autism, schizofrenia and more.


The beauty of homeopathy is that it helps the individual, not the condition. Like I said before, you cannot change your genetic make-up. You have a say on whether certain genetic traits are activated or not, depending on your life-style. However, you can make yourself crazy (and bankrupt!) by endlessly testing for this or that DNA mutation, vitamin deficinecy, allergy, mineral deficiency and so on.

Homeopathy looks at the whole individual with your symptoms: mental, emotional and physical and the treatment stimulates your whole immune system, so that your body will start repairing itself to the best of its abilities.

All the patients I have helped with fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, autism, ME and more, probablty did have some genetic suceptibility that made them prone to this or that condition. Some of them came with test results, which were a good source of information for me, but many did not. Homeopathy does not depend on tests in order to help, therefore I am more interested in you and what is going on with you as as an individual.

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