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This is a strange question, coming from a qualified homeopath! Of course I know it works: after seeing the results on myself and my family, I didn’t need any more convincing.

I also know, however, that if you had asked me this question many years ago, my answer would have been something like:”What? You mean that stuff that is diluted to nothing is supposed to have healing powers? Are you nuts?” The crucial difference between then and now, is that I never had any particular health issues until I had my children, therefore my direct experience with medicine in general was quite limited.

The typical question is:”Where is the scientific evidence?”. My answer to that is always: go to the site of the Homeopathy Research Institute. The researchers working there are real scientists, physicists and medical doctors. Many of them started with the aim to disprove and “debunk” homeopathy once and for all, only to discover that it actually does work and have been hooked ever since!

My second answer is: homeopathy has been going on for over 250 years, it is the second most widely spread form of medicine in the world, according to the World Health Organisation and it is an integral part of the national health service in countries like Switzerland, India and Brazil. A total of 200 million people world wide: are they all crazy?

If homeopathy was no more than placebo, all the hype would have died a long time ago. It is just common sense.

To me, the proof of the pudding is always the eating, so just try it!

The easiest way to try and see the amazing effects of homeopathy is on common accidents like bruises or cuts. Indeed the first encounter with homeopathy is usually with the remedy Arnica: when you see a big bump on your child’s forehead after a fall, reduce and disappear within minutes, you know there is something amazing going on!

This is probably why mothers are usually the first discoverers and promoters of homeopathy in their family!