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Have you ever heard of an app called Welltory App?
No, me neither, until today!
One of my patients today started the session with:”I’ve got something really exciting to tell you!”
She is a personal trainer and uses this app to track her stress levels and the Heart Rate Variability. Very “high-techy” stuff that goes right over my head, but the point is that you can measure exactly how stressed out you are and what you can do about it with this app!
My patient was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. At one point she decided to measure her stress level with the app and the result was quite alarming: red flags everywhere!
She then took her remedy and re-tested herself after less than one hour: her score was way up, green light, clear bill of health!
She was really excited, because, although she had been successfully using homeopathy for a while, this was scientific proof that the remedy was acting on a physical level!