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First things first: what are eye floaters?

They are those annoying black or grey spots that appear in our field of vision, like floating bits of jelly-like substance.

They are more common than you think, usually they do not impair vision to a significant extent, but they can still be very annoying!

These floaters are made of collagen “lumps” and conventional medicine does not have a definitive answer to solve the problem: you can get them “zapped” with laser treatment (but they can reform) or surgically removed, if they get too much in the way.


Phosphorus: for black or red spots, seeing brief flashes of light

Natrum Muriaticum: for zig-zag lights in the line of vision, sometimes accompanied by headache

Argentum Nitricum: for brown spot in the line of vision, tiredness and weakness sensation as well

Arnica: for eye floaters when there is a history of eye injury


Pineapples have an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme has many health properties and for that reason you can even find bromelain tablets, creams and powders. I like to go to the natural source, if I can and pineapples are widely available from any fruit and veg store and, besides, I just LOVE THEM, so perhaps I am biased.

Because I love pineapples so much I was really excited to find out there is a 2019 study from the Journal of American Science that showed the healing effects of pineapple on patients with eye floaters! You can read the study here

The study involved eating two slices of fresh pineapple after lunch every day for 90 days and the results were really interesting, because the eye floaters disappeared regardless of the severity of the condition.

That reminded me that bromelain has other great health properties:


-helps with strain and muscle injuries

-aids digestion, reduces stomach acid

So what’s not to like?

I hear you ask: “can I drink the juice, instead of chopping up a whole pineapple?”

Well, the study specified fresh pineapple, cut length-wise, to include as much of the core as possible, as bromelain is most concentrated in the core, although it’s also present in the flesh. Therefore I have no data on how effective the juice would be. Having said that, if you juice a fresh pineapple or buy organic juice, not from concentrate, it might work as well. The only thing I would say is that pineapple has a lot of natural sugar; eating the fruit gives you the fibre as well, which avoids the “sugar rush” you get from the juice alone. If you have high blood sugar issues or are diabetic, I would avoid the juice.

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