Homeopathy Courses and Supervision

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As a qualified clinical supervisor, I can support you in your final stages of your homeopathy qualification and help you get your confidence in practice off the ground. For details, contact me: [email protected]


Supervision package that fits your own individual needs as well as your school’s requirements.

What is supervision?

Supervision is the act of mindful witnessing. Just like a homeopath is the unprejudiced witness of what is going on with the patient, a supervisor is the mindful witness of what the student brings to the practice.

Before starting supervision work, I would encourage you to have an informal chat with me about your expectations from the supervision process; everybody brings their own unique competence and expectations as supervisee.

The supervision process

My approach to supervision is the homeopathic approach:

minimal intervention: just enough to restore confidence and unlock creativity

individualised: each supervision relationship or session is unique.

dynamic: active and mindful listening and observing in the present moment.



-self-awareness in practice: competencies, strengths and weaknesses.

-practice with confidence: you can do this!

-dynamic approach: openness to constantly evolve and grow in practice



Is your practice feeling “stale” and you feel like you need a third party to feedback and give you a fresh perspective?

Do you want to specialise in treating autism/ADHD and need some help to get you started?

In most professions that involve one-to-one healing modalities, therapists are officially required to check in with a clinical supervisor on a regular basis.

Here is why this is a good idea:

-as homeopaths, we work alone most of the time. This can sometimes lead to becoming “set in our ways” from a practice perspective. Continual Professional Development (CPD) is not just keeping up to date with the latest developments in homeopathic research or methodology: having an impartial observer witness our practice can bring more clarity and open up new avenues for personal and professional expansion.

-if you are starting out your own practice and have a special interest in treating a particular condition but lack experiece, working through cases with a supervisor can provide guidance and confidence.

-too many homeopaths quit. There are many registered homeopaths in my local area, yet, only a handful are actively practicing. There may be various reasons for this but the common denominator is: lack of confidence. Feeling of isolation and lack of confidence are a toxic combination that kills the homeopathic practice. A regular check up with a qualified supervisor would definitely prevent that.

Personally, one session every three months keeps me and my practice fresh and healthy. Contact me to have a chat about your practice needs.



This is an additional service that I offer to both students and professional homeopaths.

After my qualification, I realised that I was on my own as far as setting up my practice was concerned. The only “practical” advice I got from the school and professional bodies was:”how to make your clinic welcoming and comfortable”, as in: get a nice chair and bright coloured cushions…

The “marketing advice” was stuck in the pre-internet era: “give out leaflets, business cards, put notes on shop windows”…

And of course, nothing at all about how to price your services correctly, because we are all about spirituality and compassion and we are basically supposed to starve, right?

If all that makes no sense to you and you actually want to thrive and prosper (as you have every right to), you can take my Practice Building Course: a four module course with videos, written handouts and four live sessions that you can complete over a period of eight weeks.

The main goal of this course is to clear all the false myths and blocks to success (that we all have in some degree) and then implement a few simple principles to establish your practice and thrive, whether you work in person, online, with or without a website.

To learn more, book a free session with me.


The 12 essential minerals discovered by Dr. Schuessler in homeopathic form are amazing tools that you can learn to use for yourself and your family. This short and easy to learn course gives you a life-long knowledge. Written notes handout and 12 recordings, for $50 or $25 to purchase each part separately.

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Gemstones and crystals have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years; what happens when gemstones are used as homeopathic remedies? Their inner power is magnified and expanded. This Pdf course on twelve gemstones is packed with information and case studies from my practice. You can purchase it here for $50.


You can now purchase my eclusive 12 gemstone remedies kit (UK shipping only):


-Rose Quartz




-Black Opal

-Golden Topaz




-Lapis Lazuli

-Clear Quartz

Each remedy is in 4g bottle of pellets.

All remedies are presented in a beautiful hand-carved wooden box.

Instructions and remedy description included.

Cost: £100