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You all probably know the story of Chicken Little, who was absolutely convinced that “the sky is falling” and was very alarmed about it! Well, if Chicken Little’s parents had thought of giving him Arg Nit, there would be no story, because he would have calmed down and got on with his life!
I recently had a case of a ten year old boy, very smart and academically gifted, he was great at school, yet was terrified before going to school and every morning it was a right ordeal for him (and his parents!).
He was actually anxious about everything new: food, holidays, flying, he had separation anxiety.
The anxiety made him irritable and verbally abusive.
He would also get severe pain in his abdomen and diarrhoea when anxious.
It took a few doses of Arg Nit to make the anxiety literally disappear!
The main characteristics of this remedy are:

-irrational fears
-gastro-intestinal issues

The symptoms can look similar to Lycopodium (anticipatory anxiety and digestive issues) compensated more often than not with arrogant/aggressive behaviour, particularly in children.
So how to tell the difference? Well, the Arg Nit fears are REALLY irrational: the child will not try new food for fear of being poisoned; holidays to unfamiliar places are terrying because accidents may happen, he might fall ill…
Lycopodium is scared out of lack of self confidence; deep down they think they are not good enough.
Arg Nit is scared of anything NEW because they really fear that something bad will happen.

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