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I have posted about this subject before, but this is my latest case and it’s a beautiful one.
I put a picture of a beautiful mermaid because that’s what this child reminds of, with her long wavy hair and free spirit. She is a friend of my daughter’s, so I knew her before taking her case.

Her symptoms were:
-no attention span
-sudden extreme anger (she bit her teacher once)
-restless sleep
-sensitive to loud noises
-loves the outdoors and physical activity

After the diagnosis, she was put on medication and had regular sessions with a psychiatrist.

The meds didn’t work and, because of the side effects, her mother eventually decided to take her off all drugs.
However, the issues were still there.
Her mother had no idea of what homeopathy was but she knew me, so she asked if I could help and we had a consultation.
Her constitutional remedy was really pure and clear for me to see, so I prescribed a 1M potency of it.
Just one dose.
One little “sugar pill”.

-bed times are much easier, no nightmares
-calmer and happy
-improved attention span
-no more getting into trouble at school!

Her mother still cannot get her head around it: what did I do? How did I do it? Yet I didn’t actually do anything! Homeopathy strikes again!

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