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suicide and loneliness


Even before learning about homeopathy and the wonderful things it does, I never understood how doctors could give out drugs like anti-depressants to help people with depression or other so-called “mental health” conditions.

To me, it always looked like suppressing, avoiding the issues, the real issues that made the person depressed or ill in the first place.

When questioned, doctors would talk about “chemical imbalance in the brain”, lack of serotonin or something else and if only you chuck more of this or that to your system, everything will be good again.

Over time, not only have we seen some terrible side effects from these amazing drugs but now, at last, the whole myth of “chemical imbalance” has been totally debunked.

A recent study finally shows that there is no such thing as chemical imbalance. And, get this, researchers now say that there is “more to depression than biology”! No shit, Sherlock!

How about listening to the patient, observing their body language, get to the root cause of when the symptoms started, without interpretation or jumping to conclusions (which is what psychology does, it is usually your parents fault anyway), simply observe and then give the patient a natural and safe remedy that matches what they are going through and helps the body/mind/spirit get back into balance?

I have lost count of the cases where patients were suicidal or suffering from extreme OCD that ruined their life or depression from childhood trauma and a few weeks of homeopathy achieved what years of therapy had not managed to achieve.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new and beautiful time for healing. Where we recognise that holistic is more effective and safer.

If you or a loved one suffer from depression or other mental health issue, book a free Assessment Session here.

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