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Summer is time for school holidays but for many students, this is when exams are taking place, transition to higher form of education. Homeopathy can help for stress and studying-fatigue.

What can homeopathy help students with?

-anticipatory anxiety before an exam.

Gelsemium 30c can be taken the night before the and again the morning of the exam.

Argentum Nitricum when anxiety affects your stomach: diarrhea or vomiting. Irrational thoughts and fears can pop up into your head. Before each university exam I remember getting stomach cramps and diarrhea. One time on the way to my exam I became convinced that the pain on the right side of my abdomen was appendicitis and I would have to call for an ambulance or die. Part of me knew that it was just “nerves” however the fear was so real, I was petrified. I also remember one of my friends regularly vomited just before each exam when we were at Uni. I wish I had known about homeopathy then!

Kali Phos cell salts: for mental fatigue and memory issues.

White Chestnut Bach remedy; for sleeping problems due to stress: when thoughts are going round and round your brain, preventing you to fall asleep.

Calcarea Carbonica: this is a great remedy to take to strengthen your memory, help with self confidence and give you resilience to go through hours of studying.

Anacardium: sudden loss of memory as though something is blocking the thought. When you suddenly forget the names of people and things, and can even feel as you are going insane. The typical “blank” before an exam.

Lycopodium: for general anxiety before an exam, especially if dyslexia or confusion when reading is present.

Chestnut Bud Bach remedy: for learning difficulties, problems memorising, especially with numbers.

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