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I have had a few cases of OCD, usually children. Recently, however, I was contacted by a lady in her early sixties who had had OCD all her life, had been on medication for about twenty years but had stopped and decided to try homeopathy for it.
Fifty years of living with severe OCD is not easy, but the remarkable thing about this case was that this lady had NEVER TOLD A SOUL about her issues. Even the psychiatrist who prescribed the drugs, had prescribed them for anxiety! Fifty years ago there was much less awareness about this issue and she would have been labelled “hysterical” or simply “crazy”. She was so ashamed of her rituals and obsessions, that she managed to hide them from people, which caused her tremendous anxiety, nervous strain and stopped her from having deep relationships with people.
She said:”In public I have to be this person” and indeed at first glance she looks perfect: smartly dressed, polite, well educated, very in control.
She had been wearing a mask for fifty years!
One month into her remedy she came back for a follow up and the difference was subtle yet remarkable:
-more relaxed during the session: animated, relaxed face, dressed more casual in jeans and top, no business clothes this time.
-no more “knot in the stomach” upon waking up in the morning
-got rid of two big bags of clothes and took them to charity shop (hoarding is also an issue)
-went out for trips to new places and enjoyed it (that was always difficult, because she would be anxious about her rituals and who would be seeing her, so she had to plan everything in advance)
-she told one friend about her OCD for the first time

It’s still early days in terms of treatment, so there is still some to go, but isn’t it amazing what homeopathy can do?

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