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ful moon


There is a family of homeopthic remedies called “imponderables”: they are not mineral, plant or animal or anything that is really tangible as such.

one of these is the remedy made from moon rays.

Why would you even consider making a remedy from the moon?

It is not breaking news that the sun and the moon have been present in our culture and consciousness since the beginning of humanity.

In Greek mythology, the moon the moon had a number of different names and goddesses. each goddess reflected the different sides or phases of the moon: Selene was the new moon, the light side of the moon, while Hecate was the dark side of the moon, the part invisible to us, related to black magic and death.

The Romans called the moon Luna, hence the remedy name.

The mass of the moon is big enough that it affects our planet: the tide, agriculture, everything that lives on the planet is affected by the phases of the moon and therefore, so are we humans.

The moon is related to cyclical phases and therefore the passage of time. Indeed the word “time” and the word “tide” have the same root and mean the same thing (compare the word “tijd” that means “time” In Dutch and the German word “Zeit” for “time”).

The workd “menses” comes from the Latin word for “month”, as the lunar phases can affect mensrual cycles and even births: women are more likely to enter labour during the full moon.

The moon has proven influence on bodies of water like the oceans. Human beings are 70% water, so how can we not be affected by the moon?

Water has always been linked to emotions. One word for “crazy” is “lunatic”, which originally means someone who is emotionally very changeble, sad one minute and laughing the next.

The homeopathic remedy Luna

Comparable to Sepia and Natrum Muriaticum, it has an ffinity to female organs and the mind.

-lack of motivation

-changeable emotions: angry outbursts and then laughter

-confusion of mind

-vivid dreams

-PMS, heavy menses

-All these symptoms are cyclical and more pronounced during the full moon