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Like all noble gases, Hydrogen is an under-prescribed remedy that can be very useful in cases of ADHD or autism.
It is the first element of the periodic table and it is not found on earth in its pure state, but stars and our sun are made of pure hydrogen, which is highly combustible, among other things.
My personal connection with this remedy is from years ago, when a famous New York homeopath prescribed it for my son. He practises a form of “intuitive homeopathy”, which consists in asking the child’s mother to recall all the sensations, thoughts and dreams during pregnancy. In my case, there were a lot of colourful dreams, full of sparkling gemstones, which lead to stars, glittering objects, space. My son was into planets at the time, loved anything sparkly and that lead to the prescription of Hydrogen.
The remedy didn’t work on my son (he did better on Phos, which is related to Hydrogen) and, as a consequence, I am not a fan of intuitive homeopathy, but it was an interesting intro to this remedy for me.
Tinus Smits describe the state of Hydrogen as “Paradise Lost”: the whole process of incarnation, connection to the mother in the womb and then the loss of this connection, the separation into an independent being. It is the loss of this connection to the Oneness that is the main issue for Hydrogen. From this point of view Hydrogen is similar to the matridonal remedies, because the child is extremely attached to the mother, is scared of growing up, would like to go back to the protection of the womb. Other rubrics are:
-interested in esoteric subjects, astronomy
-feeling of separation from the world
-spaced out
-unable to concentrate on anything
-speech mistakes
-better for solitude
-quick anger
-fear of growing up

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