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Let’s not beat about the bush here: teenage boys can be gross. I have a younger brother and grew up with older male cousins, so I know.

When the boy is also on the autistic spectrum, things can get hairy.

My son is nearly twelve years old and has started to notice girls. He also hears other boys and girls talk about love, sex, he has started to pay attention to song lyrics…

Some of my patients of the same age have issues with boundaries and recognising appropriate behaviour and self-regulation. Boys with a tendency with impulsive behaviour can be more at risk of acting inappropriately, which can become a problem at school and in society in general.

It can be really embarassing for parents and maybe that is why I could not find a lot of information about puberty in boys with autism. There is a lot of literature out there to support girls during this time of their life, but not so much for boys.

Yet, it is really important that parents learn how to support boys through this time, so that we can guide them and avoid embarassment or worse.

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The homeopathic solution

Homeopathy can help re-balance the hormones, so that impulsive behaviour is reduced.

Additional help

It is really important that parents do not “bottle up” ths issue. Have an open conversation with your son about what happens when they grow up. You can use social stories, animation, books, whatever you think can help.

It is also important that it is done in a way that meets your child where he is at: using language and exmples that he can understand.

Whatever you do, no judgement and lots of patience.