bush remedy

Suitable for practitioners and parents. Discover how flower remedies can be an invaluable emotional support alongside homeopathic remedies or any other modality.

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rose quartz

Gemstones are powerful remedies that are still under-used in homeopathic practice. In this free bonus extract from my course, you can learn about gemstone key-notes and when to use these beautiful remedies…

Price: free

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Three common issues with children’s dental health can be prevented and healed with two great cell salts!

Price: free

If you want to learn more about cell salts, go to: https://homeopathyheal.co.uk/homeopathy-courses/

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 Adam’s Mum

“Adam has been able to sit and play by himself for the first time, he made a little dinosaur with Lego! He even sat still at the hairdresser’s and I was able to get my hair done!”

Happy Mum, UK (ADHD)

“My child has a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD and he was constantly in trouble at school for his aggressive behaviour. He was aggressive towards me too and I was scared I couldn’t handle him once he grew up…after the first dose of his remedy I started to see him smile and now he is a happy boy and can handle school much better!” – Happy Mum

Ethan riding a bike