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Timing is everything.

When my son was diagnosed, I did my research (as you know, if you have read other posts on this blog).

Not only that, but I also spoke and asked doctors and chiropractors where I live. I remember my chiropractor at the time advising me to start my son on omega 3 and B12. She had just come back from a seminar on how diet and supplements can help children with autism.


The good thing with my son is that whenever something is good or bad for him, his body reacts almost immeditately. That’s how I learnt that he couldn’t go anywhere near any form of vitamin B12, for example (he would instantly turn into the Tazmanian Devil).

CoQ10 supplements would make him throw up (I tried different brands, but got the same result).

Everything else, invluding Omega 3,6, probiotics, Iron supplement, DMG, Carnitine and loads of other stuff that I can’t even remember anymore, had precisely zero effect one way or another.

The time and money I spent during that period is still a source of frustration for me. On the other hand, as one of my patients says:”Know better, do better!”


Then I met a local holistic doctor who simpy said to me:” You need to take stuff out before you can put stuff in!”

What he meant was that my son’s system was full of various types of toxins, therefore the first task was to take the toxins out and then start re-building the immune system with good diet and supplements!

The vast majority of children with autism are immuno-compromised. DNA tests usually reveal genetic mutations that impair the methylation process. This makes the natural detoxing process much harder and the result is that toxins remain trapped in the system and the autistic symptoms are the expression of that.


Most parents who come to me tell me they have been giving vitamins and supplements to their child for months, yet they don’t seem to be doing anything. This doesn’t surprise me anymore. That’s why my program is called Remove, Repair, Replenish.

It is basically what happened for my son and it worked. Now I use the same principle for my patients.

One of my patients was about six years old when his mother came to see me. He was hitting all his milestones fine until he was about two. He was talking and singing and happy. Then he had a fever, ear infection, got the usual anti-biotics and in a matter of days, lost all his skills: no speech, no eye contact, totally hyperactive and was diagnosed with autism.

I am not blaming the anti-biotics, by the way. However, from that first time, he started to have a series of throat-ear infection pretty often, which were of course treated medically. His behaviour got progressively worse. His mother changed his diet, noticed how even a little sugar would make him behave worse, milk and gluten. Vitamins and supplements were added to his dietary regime, but nothing changed.

I realised that poor boy’s system was overloaded with junk. Therefore I gave him one single homeopathic remedy: Silica.

The change was dramatic: the child became much calmer, started to play with his toys appropriately (his mother sent me a picture of a dinosaur he made with lego pieces for the first time).

At that point, I asked the mother to start the supplements again. This time they were beneficial: his digestion and his constipation improved. His blood tests showed all mineral levels were normal.

Therefore, my conclusion is that supplements and vitamins can be very beneficial, provided they are given at the right time. Working with a homeopath can help you save time and money, especially a homeopath who has already made all mistakes in the book!

So, you see? Timing is everything.

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