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This beautiful flower was already well known to the Greeks and Romans for its detoxing and cleansing properties. As we all know, used homeopathically, the properties magnify and expand to other physical and emotional areas too.
It is often called the “victim remedy” because it can be a great help in cases of PTSD or sexual abuse.
I prefer to consider it a great remedy to defend the individual from “invasion”. Staphysagria is a tall, strong and proud looking flower and the emotional picture of the remedy is very similar: a proud and wounded individual.
The theme of invasion matches the cancer miasm, to which Staph belongs: lack of boundaries that are perceived as intrusion, even violence, whether it is real or not.
This intrusion is felt in the innermost part of our soul, because Staphysagria is proud and tries to suppress negative emotions. Consenquently, the emotional pain turns into a physical one, often in the most intimate part of the body: as recurring UTI, for example.
Think of Staph for a stubborn cystitis that doesn’t react to Canth or Apis.

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