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If there is one thing that the current Corona Virus situation has shown us (or at least, me) is how valuable homeopathy is in times of crisis.

When the whole thing started, so many people stocked up with homeopathic remedies, that homeopathic pharmacies around the world struggled to keep up with orders and pretty soon ran out of basic remedies like Arsenicum, Gelsenium and so on.

At one point I called Helios Homeopathy in UK and their recorded message said that additional staff had been hired to stay on top of all the orders!

Of course I was happy to hear that! So many people felt that their best bet during lockdown, not being able to see doctors or even losing medical insurance after losing their job, was the cheapest, safest and most effective holistic medicine in the world!


As of today, we are not out of the woods yet, but one thing I can say:

all those who chose homeopathic treatment at the first signs of flu/cough/chest infection symptoms, were able to recover quickly and with no complications.

I have seen a lot of people come to homeopathy for the first time; for lack of alternative, sure (isn’t it always the case, though? We homeopaths are used to get patients coming to us as “last resort” and even then, we see great results!) but after seeing what the “little sugar pill” can do, their life will never be the same!

Remedies like Ignatia, Arsenicum or Aconite are taking care of depression and anxiety, in times where people are forced to stay away from their friends and family and facing an uncertain future.

Because homeopathy treats the whole person, the emotional and mental state is taken care of too, as well as the physical one.

How wonderful to be able to help people half way across the world without leaving my house, thanks to this fantastically simple but effective medicine!

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