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One of the positive result of recent global events, is a renewed desire to come together. After being forced to separate for over two years, we all feel the need to come together again: with family and friends and also communities. In my local area there are so many public events these days: concerts, street parties and it is a joy to see people sharing in music and songs and joy again.


People are coming together for many reasons and one of them is particularly close to my heart: health. As homeopath, I have always believed in freedom to choose whatever healing modality you want and I also believe in the power we all have to heal ourselves, if we learn how.

This is what this new organization called People’s Health Alliance does: empowering people through education and health support in the local community.

This organization is present everywhere in the UK and is quickly branching out abroad. It is completely run and funded by volunteers and its purpose is to make communities aware of more health modalities than the conventional medicine route.

You can volunteer some of your time if you feel you have something to share with your local community or you can give your support by making whatever donation you feel like giving.

Homeopathy lends itself to this beautifully, which is why I volunteered immediately, as soon as I learnt about this project.

Homeopathy can make you independent, aware of your own health needs and able to help yourself, without depending too much on the conventional medical system.

One way of doing this is by choosing courses to empower yourself or start working with a homeopath.

For more information on my courses and mentorship, click HERE.

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